Hesistant at first since I see myself behind the lenses than in front. But i guess its worth to try it out. whatever will be the outcome will be okay for me- Its is worth the experience. Also, motivation from persons i dear most drove me to convince.

This will be a good venue to show my capabilities to express myself, not to flaunt or impress others, but to see the true person inside of me. At this point.. I can say I'm ready.

Saya suka kompetisi, karena didalam kompetisi pasti ada persaingan.

Saya mau membuktikan bahwa saya bisa menjadi yang terbaik.

I feel that I have the potential to become a top model!


I am fierce and I am ready to accept any photoshoot challenge. This spirit, and also with lot and lots of training, I believe is enough to make me to the top.

I can be IPNTM because I am true to myself and I certainly know what my capacities are and I am willing to do everything to rule this competition.

I am certainly ready for IPNTM 2. And I know I can rock the competition.

Firstly, I want to prove that I have learned a lot from the previously cycle...

Secondly, I still wanna be on top!

... supaya bisa nambah banyak temen, trus karena aku orangnya pemalu n pendiam Siapa tau dengan ikut ajang ini akan dapat menambah rasa percaya diri dalam bersosialisasi. Trus juga karena banyak orang bilang kalo ak di foto itu hasilnya jelek nah itu yang akan aku buktikan.

I love challanges, by overcome it i can explore what is inside of me. Winning or Losing is not a big problem, the most important thing of all is experience that i got from IPNTM 2.

Im ready to be the next IPNTM, i believe in myself and i belive i have the potential to make it to the top and beyond that, im bringing all that i have so people better watch out...

" IPNTM I come strong and fierce to blow out the competition. "


Hopenhagen is change – and that change will be powered by all of us.

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