Yutha 18, 5'9 Bandung Indonesia

Jake 28, 5'7 Manila, Philippines

Victor 22, 5'10 Santiago, Dominican Republic


" My american photographer asked my permission if he can post this picture in his multiply account to be part of his advertisement. I was surprised as if being a model is a part time job for me."








Where are you come from?
I come from Cilacap, Central Java. That’s my hometown. But I currently live in Bandung, West Java to pursue my college education.

What makes you different or unique?
My unique point is probably being a teenager with a more “mature” look. hihihi.... :fitnah: :peace:
Honestly, I think I don’t have handsome face like the other contestants. I don’t even have a look and a body of a model, but I am a hardworker, I have many idea to covering all my weakness every episodes, and I have a lot of friends that help me during the competition.

What is your favorite shoot? why?
The first episode, Men’s Bag ad and Summer 2009 challenge. It was my fave because that’s my first photo shoot and we did the shoot at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, one of the top university in Bandung and also Niendya, Deeah, and Irfan(called fanzizfreak)’s college. I was so confused that time because I did not have idea and was still very stiff like a wood when it comes to posing. Fortunately I have many friends that helped me that time and they still continue to support me until now.

What is the funniest or the nicest experience you have in this cylce?

mmm... I have several funny and unforgettable experiences. On the second episode, Summer Campaign, we had to battle a lot of mosquitoes as we did the shoot among wild grasses and bushes, and ended up with “seven year” itch.
on fifth episode, puppet show, that's my first photoshoot with makeup and handmade accecories. i'm so proud because i wearing black hat, I made it from paper and flannel , and my friend's red tie, that's handmade too.
On the fourth episode, Sports/Action, we did the photoshoot on two locations. First we went to Eiger Wall Climbing Cihampelas, and I was so nervous cause that’s my first experience in wall climbing! We initially planned to have an aerial shoot but were forced to change the plan as my photographer was really afraid of heights. The photo shoot itself was quite challenging, and it’s certainly not easy to pose freely when you are hanged seven metres above the ground. We then moved to our second location Sabuga Sports Arena, and we literally had a “marathon” to avoid the security as we entered without paying for tickets. So, we save IDR 2000, hihihi.... :fitnah:

Do you agree with the evaluation?
I agree with most of the evaluations as the judges have given mostly objective feedbacks and comments so far. The evaluation also helps me to learn more about my own strength and weakness, and ultimately what the judges want, so that I can use it to deliver a better result for the following episode.


text by Yutha


Yes, He is Jake. His real name is Jacinto Beltran III. 

Jake is working as an International assignments Representative for ASEAN and Australia Outbound for IBM Business Services 

Jake's hobbies are Flag collecting, drawing, travelling, singing, food trippin. 

Jake loves all Filipino Dishes, also other Asian foods, except for the spicy ones, i have low tolerance =( 

He is a WESTLIFER by heart, and for local singers those of martin nievera and gary valenciano

Jake, Who is your favorite model? hmm.. for male models i am not aware of their names but i do have local male models who i admire like Brent javier. As for female, i guess the icons Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer.

Which one you prefer the most [Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein or Burberry] Calvin Klein! (especialy their undergarments).

And Last, His Motto :

"The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it"

(He's such a wiseman for me...GOOD LUCK JAKE!!!)


text by ardy



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