Yesterday we have a nice interview with the winner of IPNTM: Victor. He won IPNTM 2 for few months a go.


What does it feel that you can finally celebrate your win as IPNTM?
VICTOR: Just three words WOW! (lol) This is the first time that I won something, and winning a modeling competition was a dream for me. Thanks God I made it!!!


IPNTM: What made you decide to join IPNTM?
VICTOR: Well, I wasn't sure to join to this cycle because I was in another modeling competition, but somebody that i don't want to say his name! (lol) he was pushing me to apply and so to make him happy i did it!! and you know the rest...

IPNTM: Did you think you were going to make it this far?
VICTOR: To be honest, No. I was sure that i would be in the final top!! but being the winner!! Uff It was a surprise for me!! (I remember that i was working that day, and when i saw that i was the winner, OMG i couldnt concentrate in my duties lol)

IPNTM: What's next plan for your model carrier?

VICTOR: Actually, I would like to see some agencies here in NY to see if i have the change to be booked!

IPNTM: What is your biggest wish for this year?
VICTOR: One of my New Year's resolutions was to be part in the New York Fashion Week. I know that it is a big even , but I think if you really want to acomplish your goals, you cant stop for how big is the road to get reach that goal.

IPNTM: What make you uniqe?
VICTOR: (mmm this question always make me think) I think my personality, because many people think that im very shy but that's not true, at the end I can surprise many people!!

IPNTM: Last question, Heidi Klum or Tyra Banks? and why?
VICTOR: Tyra Banks always. Because of her story in the modeling industry! and i love her personality too.





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